EXHIBITIONS/trade show


The exhibition service is aimed at organizers of industry shows. Depending on the solution selected, FIDEALIS can:

- Provide support to exhibitors to protect their creative works before or during the exhibition period,
- Install a booth on site featuring “Protection of intellectual property”,
- Thanks to our partnership with specialist intellectual property lawyers, provide on-site legal advice and consultancy.

Since 2001, Fidealis has attended nearly 200 exhibitions and trade fairs across Europe and has enabled thousands of exhibitors to demonstrate precedence by registering their products and to make use of the on-site copy identification service (disputes between exhibitors).
Since 2001, Fidealis has helped thousands of designers and authors to deposit and protect their intellectual property rights and to defend those rights in copyright claims, by providing a certified, dated and tamper-proof method to evidence those rights.

Fidealis has registered nearly 600,000 designs in France and continues to develop new tools to protect the designs of its demanding client base, often at short notice, with simple solutions including:

End-to-end support,
Customized tools,
Mobile applications,
A dedicated account manager for each client,
Reliable technical support,
Partnerships with leading specialist lawyers
image2Thanks to evidential techniques and tools that are recognized by the French government (including electronic signature and registration with a court bailiff) as well as international standards (electronic time and date stamping, hash tables and data encryption, digital certificates, date and location data using atomic clocks and GPS) Fidealis ensures that there is an unbroken chain of evidence connecting the author, the creative work and the date of registration. Established precedence secures your copyright beyond doubt and allows you to enforce your rights via the legal system.
FIDEALIS is there to protect your creative works. FIDEALIS: intellectual property for all.