our registration system

The FIDEALIS system of recording and copyright registration for your creations and models consists of three unfalsifiable elements:

Digital signature
Electronic online time-stamping
Automatic registration by email with the official bailiff

After the registration of each creation with the official seal and stamp, an electronic receipt of registration is sent by mail containing the legal proof of date for your creation or design.

Our service is based on the processes of electronic time-stamping and digital signature. The legal validity of these processes is covered by Internet processes standards and an international Convention on Authors Rights ( Bern), supported by the laws of more than 167 countries.

TECHNOLOGy utilised

The technologies that are utilised in the FIDEALIS service consist of :

  • Time-stamping with the synchronisation on atomic clocks and by GPS,
  • Digital signature under international standards,
  • Automatic tracing with the official bailiff,
  • Secured and encrypted access to your account, so that no interception of this personal information is possible.

To perform and verify the service of time-stamping FIDEALIS conforms to:

  • Standards set by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) utilised for digital signatures, of which time-stamping is an extension.
  • The IETF is an organisation that includes an international community of researchers and industrialists, which meet regularly to advance Internet protocols and their uses. Its processes and standards can be found on the website of the IETF.