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FIDEALIS Group proposes a range of innovative business services :
Protection of your creative assets: online filing
Technological Recognition: Capture certified on the web
Search engine capture: Proof of presence (or absence) of results from Google, Bing and Yahoo in six languages.
Rules deposition of contests: statutory compliance of promotional campaigns

1. Service by FIDEALIS

FIDEALIS Group, inventor of real time filing, registered with a bailiff since 2001, offers the FIDEALIS solution for the protection of creations. 

For each creation, the requirement is :

  • Immediate protection
  • Filing receipt permanently available
  • Speedy process of registrations
  • Tribunal recognition
  • Conformity to international processes (electronic signature, digital timestamp)
  • Translation of filing in different languages
  • Cost Management

FIDEALIS® is up to this day the most used solution in France and Europe, and allows creators to enforce their rights in case of copy, proof of precedence to fight against counterfeit copy, plagiarism, unfair competition and free riding.

With effective cost control, you can file all your creations, without wasting your time thereby continuously optimizing which of your references will go out, become successful and be highlighted. You can respect the three fundamental and systematic rules :

creation DepositDisclosure

FIDEALIS is at the service of creators, Fashion, Home Design, innovating enterprises, computer societies, industries, and web portals and allows you to protect each new creation.

2. COPYRIGHT: Technology Recognition: Certified capture on the web

FIDEALIS group has developed a certified capture service of web content, allowing to digitally seal and legally prove the presence-or absence- of content infringing your rights.
These numerous violations, sometimes cumulative in nature, can take the form of a copy of a project, general sale and graphics conditions, plagiarism of content, unfair competition, free riding, insult, defamation, non respect of certain legal constraints, misleading legal clauses and particularly damage to your personal or professional E-reputation on the web...
Through its new service DEPOT-WEB, Fidealis is capable of recovering these contents from pages which are infringing on your rights; capture them legally through a service of certified and labelled technology recognitions, to allow you to prove your rights. An un-provable law is the same as an absence of law. DEPOT-WEB allows you to bring the proof that you need.
This service is accessible through monthly subscription or fee and is available on www.depot-web.com

3. Capture of Results on Google+Bing+Yahoo

The latest innovation of FIDEALIS group involves the capture of results from search engines.

  • Prove the use of your trademarks by a third party in keywords,
  • Prove the positioning (referencing) of your site in good (or bad) position,
  • Determine the absence of competition (or precedence) in a market depending on certain expressions,
  • Prove on these search engines any free riding actions or unfair competition,
  • Validity in France and abroad

This innovating service, targeting all players on the web, is available on Capturer.fr

4. Filing for Gaming regulations

It is essential to create knowledge about one’s products and services. The web is full of opportunities to communicate. In this regard, Facebook has become an unbeatable player for example for public tenders.
Before launching your campaign, there is an important step: filing for gaming regulations.
The filing which is validated by a bailiff for gaming regulations is a legal obligation. Prior to each campaign, before the launch of any game, contest or competition, it is important to have the regulations filed and certified by a bailiff that they are legitimate and comply with the prevailing laws. (Consumer Code)