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The best online solution for the protection of your intellectual property

This service is aimed at organizers of Trade Fairs. FIDEALIS can, depending on the formula chosen:

  • assist exhibitors in protecting their intellectual property before or during the exhibition period
  • set up an "IP protection" stand on site
  • carry out online registrations, thanks to our legal IP partners

Since 2001, Fidealis has attended around 200 trade shows in Europe and allowed thousands of exhibitors to prove ownership by registering their products and to use an infringement verification service at the show (disputes between exhibitors).

Since 2001, Fidealis has helped thousands of businesses to register and protect their Intellectual Property rights and to defend themselves in the event of an infringement. By providing certified, dated and tamper-proof evidence.

Evidence recognized by courts

Recognized by the courts the world over.

Affidavit valid for life

You will have evidence for life.

Registration valid in 11 languages

Your registration is available in French, English, Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

Affidavits available 24/7

Receipt of registration available online 24/7.

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Des preuves incontestables

Indisputable proof

Fidealis provides an evidentiary link between the creator, the creative work and the date of registration. The certified date of creation gives proof of your copyright that can be used in legal proceedings.

This is thanks to a technique and evidence that is recognized by the French courts (electronic signature, official registration) but also internationally (digital timestamping, data hashing and encryption, digital certificates, dating by atomic clock and GPS).

Have total confidence in the Fidealis solution

A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.

solution de dépôt et copyright dans les salons et conventions