WHO are we?

FIDEALIS was born from the creativity of some of its founders who were searching for a solution to protect their own inventions. Another part of the team of founders succeeded in conceiving of a revolutionary solution in 2001: providing an evidence service of digital proof for copyright and business exchanges. When the members of this team got together, they were able to perfect a dynamic service adapted to the of creators and companies, identifying how to achieve perfect protection while optimizing costs and time spent.



FIDEALIS has the best team specilized in what your business needs.
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FIDEALIS is above all about confidence and loyalty, about concrete ideas put to work in the interest of our clients and a contractual deal of confidence in your company, in your exchanges and in your business.


Our craft is to work to help you create in complete serenity, confident in a system that offers you legal protection. That’s why FIDEALIS offers a product today whose amenities adapt to your needs for legal protection of your intellectual property, your rights and your Copyright. The growth of FIDEALIS has required the collaboration of professionals in legal, technical and scientific corporations as well as consultation with companies who put out the largest number of inventions (or who are the most exposed to copying or piracy).


Our evolution is ongoing. We have developed our methods and our relevance working with you and thanks to you, by adapting our work to your varying professions.
For this reason, a new “Benelux” pole has just been inaugurated.
The geographic growth that we are experiencing is due to the constant demand to protect the creations and inventions of the mind, the celebrated Copyright, the 167 signatory countries of the Bern Convention in Belgium, Europe, Asia and America