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  • Copyright service

    Fidealis copyright services

    FIDEALIS Group, inventor of real-time official registration since 2001, offers the FIDEALIS® solution for the protection of creative works. For each registration the following is provided:

    • Immediate protection
    • Deposit receipt available at all times
    • Quick registration processing
    • Recognition by the courts
    • Use of international processes (electronic signature, digital timestamping)
    • Translation of registration into several languages
    • Cost control

    FIDEALIS® is currently the most widely used copyright registration solution in France and Europe. It allows you to assert your rights in the event of plagiarism, prove the date of creation and bring an action for infringement, unfair competition or free riding.

    Thanks to controlled costs, you can register all your creative works without wasting a minute, to constantly optimize which of your works will be distributed, become successful, or promoted. FIDEALIS is at the service of fashion and interior designers, innovative companies, IT companies, industries and web portals, and allows you to protect each new creative work.

  • Online capture

    plateforme vente createurs

    Internet observation: certified screen capture

    Fidealis group has developed a certified web content capture service, allowing you to digitally seal and legally prove the presence - or absence - of content that infringes your rights.

    There are numerous infringements, sometimes cumulative, which can result in a copy of a project, general terms and conditions of sale, graphics, plagiarism of content, unfair competition, parasitism, slander, defamation, non-compliance with certain legal constraints, misleading legal notices, and above all, an infringement of your personal or professional e-reputation on the web.

    Fidealis is able to retrieve these infringing contents, legally capture them with a certified computer observation service, to allow you to prove your rights. An unprovable right is equivalent to an absence of rights. Fidealis can provide the evidence you need. With a monthly subscription or on a fee-for-service basis.

  • E-reputation capture

    guide facebook pour entrepreneurs

    Google/Bing/Yahoo results capture for your online copyrights

    The latest innovation from FIDEALIS Group is the capture of search engine results

    • Prove the use of your website by a third party in keywords
    • Prove the positioning (referencing) of your site in good (or bad) position
    • Note the absence of competition (precedence) in a market with specific expressions.
    • Prove parasitism or unfair competition in the search engines.
    • Valid in France and internationally regarding copyright.
  • Competition rules and regulations

    Registration of competition regulations on the Internet

    Making your products or services known is essential. The Web is full of communication opportunities. Facebook has become a must in this field especially with mass-market offers. Before the launch of a campaign, an important step remains: Register the competition rules and regulations. It is a legal obligation to deposit the rules of a competition with an independent compliance officer.

    Before each campaign, each launch of a game, contest or competition, in France it is necessary to officially deposit the rules and regulation and have them certified according to the civil code ( Code de la consommation).


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