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Any order or purchase of any of the services offered by SAS FIDEALIS, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under no. 439 117 144 implies the customer’s unconditional acceptance and full and complete adherence to these general conditions of sale which take precedence over any other document of the purchaser. Any other document including catalogues, flyers, advertisements or instructions that mentions these general conditions of sale is non-contractual and for informative and indicative purposes only.


FIDEALIS uses an electronic timestamping system that gives any digital file a specific date, which is also certified with an official, complete, unitary and real-time registration.

1- On the site, FIDEALIS offers a digital registration service, officially certified, of any creative work (designs, models, oral submissions, texts, novels, words, photographs), constituting proof of the date of the creation. provides a service that can validate the date of creation and subsequent existence of a digital file at any specific time.

2- On the site, the company FIDEALIS proposes various services related to games and competitions. Depending on which offer is chosen, FIDEALIS takes care of officially registering and publishing the terms and conditions of the competition (DJC-AP) or the drafting, registration and publication of the terms and conditions of the competition (RDJC-AP).

3- On the site, FIDEALIS proposes an officially certified digital registration service of procedures, providing proof of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and creating the date and a digital seal for all elements, events, and procedures. is a service whose use, access and extractions are directed at people responsible for processing or accessing personal data within a company or organization.

4-Trademark and Patent Registration Services: the trademark or patent registration service offered on the Fidealis website is carried out by lawyers or intellectual property consultants who are legally independent of Fidealis. These experts act as correspondents who manage the processing and registration requests with the relevant offices through the Fidealis gateway. They are free to accept or decline the task that the registering client wishes to undertake and remain free to set their own fee schedule for any subsequent tasks following the initial order. Fidealis serves as a communication platform between the registering client and the expert, in order to transmit initial requests and receipts or communications from the offices.


The registration services proposed by FIDEALIS are marketed in the form of annual or unitary packages of units of account called “tokens”. Each token entitles the registration (certified and sealed) of a digital file or information, to be integrated directly into the interface of the site to which the customer has subscribed ( or or Annual packages are valid for one year from the date of signature of the contract. Tokens not used during the subscription year are permanently lost and cannot be carried over to the next year, whether the contract is renewed or not. Unitary packages, unless otherwise specified in the contract and especially in the registration of game and competition terms and conditions, have no time limitation and are valid until the tokens purchased are exhausted. In case of non-use of the tokens purchased by the customer, whether in the framework of an annual or unitary package, no request for partial or total reimbursement will be accepted. Signed contracts are irrevocable, and any sums owed under any signed contract shall be paid to FIDEALIS, whether the customer uses the services purchased or not.

Access to registration is subject to the prior payment of the full price of the contract. The customer is solely responsible for the payment of all sums invoiced under this contract. This agreement is not assignable or transferable and is established for the exclusive use of the customer whose identity appears on the contract.


Upon payment of the full price of the contract, FIDEALIS activates an account, in the Member area located on the site or This is directly accessible by the customer using a username chosen by them. This account allows the customer, on the one hand, to carry out any registrations they want, and on the other, to see the history of their registrations and the balance of tokens available.

Registrations are made either directly online by the customer, who then receives a confirmation by email with the timestamping of the registered file, or by FIDEALIS, the customer having previously sent the works, preferably as a digital file for registration. For reasons of confidentiality, only registration by the customer or their data controller is possible on the website

All documents, CDs, parts, copies or reproductions of the work to be registered will after registration be destroyed by FIDEALIS unless otherwise stated by the customer and clearly expressed at the time they are sent. For customers located in Paris and suburbs, FIDEALIS offers an « appointment » option, allowing a customer to request that a member of the FIDEALIS team goes to see them and digitally record their work. Generally, this is in the case of audio work that needs to be recorded. A maximum of three appointments per year is permitted by FIDEALIS. In the event of a dispute between a customer and a third party, FIDEALIS shall provide, at the customer’s request and their expense, the second original of the official registration.


The price of the different packages is indicated on, or on the page “tariffs”, and are in euros and excluding tax. Value-added tax (VAT) should be added at the applicable rate. FIDEALIS reserves the right to modify their tariffs at any time, packages will be based on the tariffs in force at the time of subscription or renewal.


FIDEALIS undertakes to:

  • – Satisfy the demands of its customers within the limits of the capacity of the systems it operates and the quality constraints of its services,

– To implement all the means at its disposal to enable the execution of its registration service but is limited to an obligation of means, due to the features of electronic tools, and the use of external providers, – Take the appropriate measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of any personal information and processes it holds, in accordance with the provisions of law N° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, concerning information technology, files and freedoms.Important: As part of the competition registration service, FIDEALIS provides details of the independent compliance officer for information purposes before registering the rules of the competition, and will only commit to depositing the rules of the competition with a specific independent compliance officer within a period of 7 days (unless clearly expressed to the contrary by letter or email) prior to the actual registration of the final version of the rules of the competition. The competitions registration service, without assistance in drafting (excluding any mechanical part of the competition which is at the expense of the customer) allows rules provided by the client to be deposited as such with an independent compliance officer for verification. A return trip for minor changes is included. If the rules are not accepted by the independent compliance officer, and at their discretion, the sums paid to FIDEALIS are acquired.


The customer undertakes to:

– provide a valid email address to receive registration receipts, – to send, at their own expense and by any means, the documents or digital files to be registered, – notify FIDEALIS immediately of any change of name, form or other, at risk of non-enforceability against third parties, – to use our services fairly, and only register documents of which they have the copyright, For the RegistreRGPD certified online registration service the customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of information introduced and undertakes to complete the register according to instructions received from their DPO (Data Protection Officer) or data controller.


FIDEALIS is not responsible for the contents of the registration. It is the customer´s responsibility to ensure the quality of the documents transmitted are suitable for registration, by themselves or FIDEALIS. This includes the readability of the texts, the clarity of photographs and highlighting the unique characteristics of the work. FIDEALIS is a third-party time stamper and does not guarantee that work registered hasn’t been previously created nor it’s originality. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure no rights exist on the creations and files they register. The customer acknowledges that FIDEALIS cannot be held liable for compensation, direct or indirect of which this contract could be the cause, even in the case that FIDEALIS was informed of possible risk.

The customer acknowledges that FIDEALIS cannot be held liable for compensation, direct or indirect of which this contract could be the cause, even in the case that FIDEALIS was informed of possible risk. The customer acknowledges that registration doesn’t create intellectual property rights and only constitutes proof of existence. Customers who entrust registration to our technicians must verify that all the information provided is found in the receipt of registration and have 8 (EIGHT) days to make a claim When using the service, for which a centralization tool is provided (RGPD register) and each insertion is dated and timestamped, each customer (organization, company, etc.) should fill in the activity or event categories, and create processes specific to its activity and internal or external data streams online, beyond the standard options proposed in the customer’s user space.

The service is intended to centralise processing activities and guarantees archiving and certified digital dating. However, it is the client’s responsibility to produce one-to-one information, in accordance with current legislation. RegistreRGPD shall not be liable for incomplete, false or non-compliant statements or content.

“The client is aware that Fidealis is not a law firm and therefore does not provide legal advice or consultation of lawyers. For any legal question, it is the client’s responsibility to seek advice from a legal professional. Customers are aware that the company cannot be held responsible for any error in law and have a duty to inform themselves.
FIDEALIS is not responsible for misuse or misinterpretation of contracts drawn up and published by Fidealis and ordered by the customer. Nor can the company be blamed for the ineffectiveness or non-adaptation of a contract to particular situations or conditions.”


The contracts signed with FIDEALIS have a duration of one year from the date of signature. They are renewed by tacit renewal, at the end of the subscription year, unless the customer sends a registered letter with notice of receipt by FIDEALIS within the 30 days preceding the anniversary date of the contract. Any termination made during the year does not have an immediate effect on the ongoing subscription that continues to its end. It does not entitle the repayment of unused tokens and has the effect of preventing the tacit renewal of the contract. Only terminations made by AR registered mail will be accepted.


If the customer is a trader, any dispute, due to the interpretation, conclusion or execution of this contract will be brought before the Commercial Court (Tribunal de Commerce) of Paris. These general terms and conditions of sale complement any previous versions. These conditions are valid from July 31, 2018. These conditions have been submitted to the SCP FRADIN, associated court bailiffs whose offices are in Lyon, 1 Quai Jules COURMONT 69002 Lyon. For any contract prior to this date, the terms and conditions are those valid when the contract was signed. The general terms and conditions of sale are printed on the back of the original contract, attached to the email confirming the opening of an account and sent with the contract by mail upon request.