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Videos and cinematographic work is protected, like any intellectual work, by copyright since the Acts of 11 March 1957 and 3 July 1985.

The Intellectual Property Code states that the author of an original creative work benefits from moral and economic rights over their work from its existence. This means that they enjoy exclusive authorship and exploitation on the work and have the power to authorize or refuse its exploitation by third parties.

Upon the creator's death, film copyright is transferred to their heirs for a period of 70 years, after which the work falls into the public domain. In the event of a dispute, it is necessary to prove authorship of the work. To do this, go to copyright registration.

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Motion Picture Copyright to protect your videos


Although protected by motion picture copyright, a video can be subject to plagiarism from the moment it is disclosed. Despite provisions in the Hadopi law, particularly for feature films, the risk is still there for shorter, artistic and corporate videos.

As competition is fierce, the copying, reproducing or plagiarism of creations without authorization is very “easy” and developed, particularly on the Internet. In order to ensure more effective protection, it is advisable for any author to register copyright for a video with professional societies such as film copyright protection companies. Fidealis, a private company, with experience in the protection of original work, will file a video copyright application on your behalf.

éviter le plagiat ou le vol de vos videos et films

Protect your videos from plagiarism with Motion Picture copyright


Proving ownership of creative work is essential for reliable protection and support in the event of legal action for infringement. Fidealis takes care of the motion picture copyright registration process on your behalf using secure and recognized methods such as electronic signature and timestamping. We then take care of officially registering your work. We also provide the support that guarantees your rights by the registration of video copyright and protects your creative work in the case of an infringement.

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A pioneering solution in the protection of filmsand videos, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.

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