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The person who creates a work of the mind enjoys over this work, by the mere fact of its creation, an exclusive intangible property right that is enforceable against all. This right includes a moral right and a patrimonial right.

This moral right, which is linked to the personality of the author, gives him the right to oppose the disclosure of his work without his consent, to request its withdrawal, to claim paternity, and more generally the right to respect of his work. It is perpetual, inalienable and imprescriptible. The patrimonial law consists in being remunerated for the exploitation of one’s work (CPI art. L 111-1, al. 1 and 2).

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Assignment of copyright: what procedure?

Thus the creator of a work can assign his copyright (right of reproduction and representation). He then concludes a copyright assignment contract by which he assigns his economic rights to another person, called the assignee.

The assignment of copyright must be evidenced in writing.

The assignment may relate to part or all of the rights (right of reproduction and/or right of representation) and to the entire period of validity of the copyright or to a part only.

In the context of an assignment of his rights, the assignor decides on the conditions of exploitation of the creation.

  • Thus, the copyright assignment contract must specify:

  1. The type of right transferred: right of reproduction, and representation…
  2. The scope of the transfer: the operating media, the distribution processes
  3. The place and duration of exploitation of the assigned right,
  4. Remuneration of the transferor: in principle, the remuneration must be proportional to the revenue from the sale and exploitation except in certain exceptional cases (transfer of rights relating to software, or in the event of impossibility of applying a proportional remuneration. ..).

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