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Does photo copyright exist?

At a time when the use of the Internet has become essential, photo copyright infringement has become commonplace.

The Internet is not an image bank which can be used with impunity. There are laws that govern image copyright.

This terminology is the English equivalent of the expression: photo copyright. Copyright is governed by two laws: one dated 11 March 1957 and the other dated 3 July 1986. Both are registered in the Intellectual Property Code. The author is an individual person who creates a work of the mind, in this case, a photograph.

Copyrighted photos are marked with the symbol ©, the year of publication and the photographer’s name.

These elements are essential to correctly register your photos.

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How can photos be protected?

The respect of photo copyright is possible, and the procedure very simple.

All you have to do is file your photos, i.e. register your work with an authorised body.

To do this, nothing could be easier: the method FIDEALIS allows photographers to upload their work in just a few clicks via the Internet. An electronic signature is sufficient, with an official certificate that proves the date of registration.

To protect photos on the Internet, other solutions are used by photographers such as prohibiting the reproduction of an image or reducing the resolution of a photo so that it is not used. However, it is advisable to use the services of a specialized organization to register your photos, especially since the Internet procedure has been simplified.

Moreover, the creation of an object’s design confers copyright on its creator by the very fact of its existence. Registering a design model is therefore essential as copyright design will serve to protect the author’s creative work.

What steps can be taken in the case of infringement?

If a photographer has noticed an infringement after registering an image, legal action can easily be undertaken by virtue of the laws that exist.

If photo copyright has not been registered, it is the photographer’s word against the infringer. It is, therefore, necessary to have tangible evidence such as negatives if the photo was taken with a camera, or the source file if the photos are digital. In addition, the procedure could be quite long.

To avoid this problem and find oneself in an endless legal battle, it is better to protect your photos.

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