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Protecting creative work is an ethical and economic issue for creators

In the event of a dispute, an author who wants to claim ownership of a work of the mind or a literary or artistic work has to provide proof of the date of its creation. It is therefore essential, in order to protect against the different forms of plagiarism and infringements, to register and obtain copyright or patent this creative work as soon as it is created and before any disclosure.

Copyright consists of establishing evidentiary proof of the link between the date of registration (by a third party, a probative “witness”), the identity of the person who registered and the actual creative work.

Established creative protection rights will permit the author to authorize or prohibit the use of their work, to oppose their distribution, if it has been made without consent, to demand compensation (royalty, copyright, license…) or to exercise their rights in court.

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Legislation and protection of creative work

The protection of work is regulated:

  • by the Intellectual Property Code (Book III) which defines the rules and sanctions relating to copyright (“copyright invention of the mind” and “copyright literary/artistic work”)
  • by case law related to cultural developments and the emergence of new technologies (host’s rights and responsibilities, formalization of Internet observations, trademark law on the Adwords network, etc.)
  • by the Berne Convention and its related texts, with regard to the protection of creative work internationally.

Concerning the territorial status, protecting creative work abroad before its first disclosure is a matter of local law. This could make the recognition of copyright conditional on the completion of prior formalities which would then have to be respected (Berne Convention, as revised, Article 3).

Where can a reliable and durable copyright solution be found?

With its experience in copyright invention and creative work, Fidealis secures online registration, provides authors with tamper-proof means of protecting their work in the event of counterfeiting, content plagiarism, parasitism or unfair competition, both in France and abroad.

A simple, fast and efficient procedure for authors concerned about having their rights respected and possible future disputes:

  • Online and real-time official registration with immediate effect
  • Timestamping, electronic signature and receipt of registration for proof of ownership and date of creation.

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