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With our trademark registration service, benefit from easy, reliable, fast and affordable registration, carried out by an expert intellectual property lawyer. Protect your brand now by contacting us.

Register your trademark in the USA from €499 plus VAT

(plus formalities).

Protecting your brand is essential to securing your business in the United States. There are two main routes: on the basis of a foreign registration or via a registration without prior art.

Trademark registration based on a foreign registration

If your trademark is already registered in another country, you can also register it in the USA. However, a “common law search” is recommended to avoid disputes. Note that the USPTO’s interpretation of the Nice Convention classes may differ from that of your home country.
Evidence recognized by courts

Recognized by the courts the world over.

Affidavit valid for life

You will have evidence for life.

Registration valid in 11 languages

Your registration is available in French, English, Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

Affidavits available 24/7

Receipt of registration available online 24/7.

Registration without prior art

1. If your trademark is not yet in use in the USA, you can register it with Intent to Use. You must start using it within 6 months

2. If your trademark is already in use in the U.S., you can register it with Use in Commerce.

3. In both cases, protection lasts for 10 years, renewable.

Advantages of registering a trademark in the USA

Registering a trademark in the USA offers robust legal protection and gives you the right to take action against any unauthorized use of your trademark on American soil.

Cost of trademark registration in the USA

The cost of registering a trademark in the USA depends on the number of classes of goods or services. The basic fee is €990 for direct filing (with an American attorney who must “domicile” your trademark). And around 650€ when adding the USA to an international trademark application or extension. These fees do not include the lawyer’s fees who will handle all the formalities with you here.

Our guarantee for your trademark registration in the USA

With our service, your trademark registration in the USA is in safe hands. We manage everything with our attorney or CPI, from the prior art and common law search to submission to the USPTO, to ensure optimum protection of your trademark on the American market.