European Trademark Registration: Optimized protection for your intellectual assets

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– Professional expertise: Your trademark application is handled by a lawyer specialized in intellectual property.
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– Guaranteed reliability: Your file is checked by our advisors to ensure that it is correct.
– Fast turnaround: Your trademark is registered in just 24 hours.
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With our trademark registration service, benefit from easy, reliable, fast and affordable registration, carried out by an expert intellectual property lawyer. Protect your brand now by contacting us.

Your European trademark registration from 850€ HT

(plus formalities), supervised by an Intellectual Property expert.

By registering a European trademark, you obtain protection in the 27 countries of the European Union, offering complete, harmonized protection for your brand on the domestic market.

European trademark: definition and advantages

A European trademark is valid in all member states of the European Union. This unique trademark offers comprehensive legal protection throughout the EU. What’s more, you benefit from a simplified procedure, with a single filing language and a single opposition procedure. In addition, the trademark owner can claim a six-month priority if the trademark has already been registered in a member country of the Paris Union.

Evidence recognized by courts

Recognized by the courts the world over.

Affidavit valid for life

You will have evidence for life.

Registration valid in 11 languages

Your registration is available in French, English, Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

Affidavits available 24/7

Receipt of registration available online 24/7.

European trademark registration process

1. Fill in the online form.

2. Prior art search to check whether your trademark has already been registered.

3. Registration of the trademark with the EUIPO, including payment of official fees and submission of necessary documents.

The risks of the European trademark

Registering a European trademark involves certain risks, such as refusal or objection, due to the wide territorial coverage. The ‘all or nothing’ principle means that your trademark must comply with the legislation of all member states, which may result in refusal of registration.

European trademark costs and guarantees

European trademark registration fees, starting at €850, are generally higher than for a national trademark, but are offset by the broad territorial coverage. They include official taxes and agent’s fees. With our service, your European trademark application is in safe hands. We support you throughout the entire process, from the prior art search to the final filing of your trademark with the EUIPO.

Guaranteeing your European trademark registration

Our services also include tracking of all deadlines to ensure that your brand remains protected. We recommend that you consult an IP lawyer to assess your chances of success before registering an EU trademark.