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Like more than 11,000 companies, protect your creations and prove your anteriority with fidealis time stamping, electronic signature, bailiff registration and real-time blockchain.
Since 2001, Fidealis has been helping you protect your creative assets (designs, trademarks, patents, software, web content, etc.).

Protect my design

In less than 24 hours

Copyright for designs

Register my trademark

By lawyer, within 24 hours

Trademark filing

Concept protection

From €189

Concept / ideas

Protection system for concepts designers webmasters writers

International validity

Official certificate valid for life in 177 countries

Indisputable evidence

Recognised by courts the world over

Cost control

Degressive rates proposed. From 95€ per registration

Evidence accessible at any time

Registration continuously available online 24/7

With Fidealis, publish your work securely

FIDEALIS® is currently the most widely used copyright registration solution in France and Europe. It allows you to assert your rights in the event of plagiarism, prove the date of creation and to bring an action for infringement, unfair competition or free riding.

How is copyright registered with Fidealis ?

Very easy. Whether you are a new creator or an established business, first register free of charge. An advisor will then assist you in each step of your project, from the original idea to the registration of your first prototypes.

1. Subscription and first contact

Register in just a few seconds and an expert in intellectual property will get in contact with you.

2. Choose the best offer for you

Your work deserves the best protection, tailored to your sector of activity.

3. Getting started with an advisor

We will assist you in handling your registrations directly via your online account.

4. Upload your creative work online

You can register your creative work online 24/7 from your customer area.

Corroboration from cabinet CCK

The certified registration system for creations provided by Fidealis ensures the best protection in dating intellectual property rights. This system safeguards the rights of businesses. Recognised by the courts, simple, effective and inexpensive. Cabinet CCK Avocats Associés (Associated lawyers firm CCK) backs this methodology designed by Fidealis to protect creative rights in real-time.

Corinne Champagner Katz, CCK Avocats

Incorporate your creative work into the Fidealis blockchain

In order to ensure optimal security and evidentiary force for your creative work, Fidealis has developed its own blockchain, based on bitcoin technology.

By combining the unique Fidealis timestamping technology with Blockchain, registering with Fidealis gives you access to a unique standard of proof for your creative work. All registrations with Fidealis now benefit from the advantages of blockchain in addition to the tools already used to protect your creative capital.

Blockchain is a decentralized information storage and transmission technology. It is a distributed database where information sent by users and internal links are verified and grouped at regular intervals of time into blocks, all of which are secured by cryptography, and form a tamper-proof chain. This chain of blocks is a distributed ledger that records transactions which are protected from falsification or modification by storage nodes. Therefore, a blockchain is a distributed and secure ledger of all transactions carried out once a shared system has been booted.

Capture and register your models directly from your smartphone

Available for iOS and Android, for all your smartphones and tablets, Fidealis Mobile goes everywhere with you. Not only does it protect your creative work, but also provides digital imagery proof thanks to Certified Geolocation and officially certifies them in real-time.

Have total confidence in the Fidealis solution

A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.