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Protect your creative work by registering copyright

Fidealis copyright service

FIDEALIS Group, inventor of the real-time filing system registered with a bailiff since 2001, offers the FIDEALIS® solution for the protection of creations:

  • Immediate protection
  • Deposit receipt permanently available
  • Fast processing of recordings
  • Court recognition
  • Use of international processes (electronic signature, digital time-stamping)
  • Deposit translation in several languages
  • Cost control

FIDEALIS® is currently the most widely used solution in France and Europe, and enables you to assert your rights in the event of copying, proof of anteriority, and to take action against counterfeiting, plagiarism, unfair competition, parasitism…

Thanks to controlled costs, you can register all your creations, without wasting time constantly optimizing which of your references will be released, successful or promoted. FIDEALIS serves designers, fashion, home design, innovative companies, IT firms, industries, web portals, and enables you to protect every new creation.

Computer-aided recording: certified web capture

Fidealis groupe has developed a certified web content capture service, enabling you to digitally seal and legally prove the presence – or absence – of content infringing your rights.

These numerous and sometimes cumulative infringements can result in the copying of projects, general terms and conditions of sale or graphics, plagiarism of content, unfair competition, parasitism, insults, defamation, non-compliance with certain legal constraints, misleading legal notices, and above all damage to your personal or professional e-reputation on the web…

Fidealis is able to recover page content that infringes your rights, legally capturing it with a certified and labeled computer service, so that you can prove your rights. An unprovable right is tantamount to an absence of right. Fidealis allows you to provide the proof you need, by monthly subscription or on a fee-for-service basis.

Capture Google/Bing/Yahoo results for your online copyrights

FIDEALIS Group’s latest innovation: search engine results capture

  • Prove third-party use of your brand in keywords
  • Prove your site’s positioning (referencing) in a good (or bad) position
  • Observe the absence of competition (anteriority) in a market according to certain expressions.
  • Prove parasitism or unfair competition on engines.
  • Validity in France and abroad concerning copyright.

Submission of contest rules on the Internet

Getting the word out about your products or services is essential. The Web is teeming with opportunities to communicate. Before launching your campaign, there’s one important step to take: Submit your game rules. It is a legal requirement that the rules of the game be validated by a bailiff.

Before any campaign, game, contest or sweepstake is launched, the rules must be filed and certified by a bailiff as lawful and in compliance with the law (Consumer Code).

Software escrow with Fidealis

As a continuation of its software deposit service, Fidealis offers a software escrow service.

For example, you can entrust us with an escrow mission that gives your customers access to software source codes in certain cases, such as maintenance failures or interruptions.

We offer you a choice of two solutions:

Bipartite escrow

You enter into a contract with Fidealis for a software product and designate as many beneficiary customers as you wish. This solution gives you great flexibility in managing your escrow contract.
Escrow becomes a sales argument for you, reassuring your prospects and customers.

Tripartite escrow

A tripartite agreement is signed between the publisher, the customer and Fidealis. Together, we define the terms of the contract: deposit terms, source code delivery terms and other contractual conditions.

Rights assignment service with Fidealis

Would you like to exploit your creation (design, logo, etc.)? Fidealis can help you transfer your copyright.
  1. Contract editing: In just a few clicks, your copyright assignment contract is drafted, customized and edited.
  2. Customer relations: we organize the signing of the contract and the handover of the creations to the customer.
  3. Contract archiving: your signed assignment contracts are filed, archived and accessible at any time in your customer area.
To find out more about how to sell, click here.

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A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.