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Protecting agri-food innovations is a major challenge for companies in this competitive sector. Nevertheless, agri-food companies rarely register their innovations.

It is essential for agri-food companies to register any innovation. These innovations can be recipes, cocktails, culinary processes or visual elements. Registering makes it possible to protect their innovations and thus avoid any infringement of rights.

Patent filing is not always appropriate for the protection of innovations in the agri-food sector. For an innovation to be patentable, a new technological innovation should be part of it. However, a recipe is essentially a matter of know-how. Patent filing is also a long and expensive process for companies.

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In French territories filing a patent takes about 36 months from the date of filing to it being granted, with a minimum cost of 4000€ for one simple filing.

That’s why at Fidealis, we help food companies protect their creations Copyright or design registration with Fidealis is a less expensive and more accessible alternative to patent filing.

It also allows recipes that would not usually be patentable to be protected.

Registering agri-food innovations with Fidealis gives proof of the date of creation. As soon as an innovation is filed it is electronically signed and officially registered which certifies the date. Proof of ownership is impossible to falsify and provides protection against any infringement and the possibility to bring a court action in the event of an infringement.

Fidealis, helps protect your agri-food innovations.

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