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Our registration system

Our registration system for your creative work consists of 3 tamper-proof elements:

After registering each document, a receipt of the timestamp which contains proof of the date of registration and content is sent. The use of signature, encryption and timestamping methods, combined with an official registration, give documents, creative work and design models uncontestable proof of the date of creation.

For our clients outside France, depending on the country from which registrations are made, it is possible to call on the services of local legal and judicial officers (soon to be made available in Italy and Belgium).

Preuves reconnues des tribunaux

Reconnaissance par les tribunaux du monde entier.

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Vous disposez de vos dépôts en français, anglais, italien, chinois, allemand, portugais, arabe, espagnol, coréen, japonais, et russe.

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Technology used

The FIDEALIS service is a solution that combines several different tools:

  • specific date timestamping (synchronization with atomic clock and GPS signals) electronic signature (Act of 13 March 2000).
  • electronic signature (Act of 13 March 2000).
  • official automatic tracking.
  • secure and encrypted access to your account (no interception of this personal information is possible)

To learn more, please find the following information about our signature and timestamping technologies:

  • FIDEALIS complies with the standards defined by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) to monitor and create electronic timestamping. Timestamping is an extension of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) used for electronic signatures.
  • This method is guided by an international community of researchers and industrialists that meets regularly to develop Internet protocols and determine its uses

Fidealis launches its own blockchain to protect your creative work


By combining the unique Fidealis timestamping technology with Blockchain, registering with Fidealis gives you access to a unique standard of proof for your creative work. All registrations with Fidealis now benefit from the advantages of blockchain in addition to the tools already used to protect your creative capital.

Blockchain is a decentralized information storage and transmission technology. It is a distributed database where information sent by users and internal links are verified and grouped at regular intervals of time into blocks, all of which are secured by cryptography, and form a tamper-proof chain.

This chain of blocks is a distributed ledger that records transactions which are protected from falsification or modification by storage nodes. Therefore, a blockchain is a distributed and secure ledger of all transactions carried out once a shared system has been booted.

Have total confidence in the Fidealis solution

A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.