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Escrow, legal definition:

Escrow is a software protection solution comes from the Anglo-Saxon term (escrow), and which allows a supplier to entrust to a third party escrow:

  • softwares
  • programs
  • mobile app
  • web service
  • prosofware
  • IT developments
  • content
With the objective of ensuring your customers and partners the possibility of accessing the source codes according to the provisions of the escrow contract signed between the developer, the customer and the third party (Fidealis acting as escrow agent).
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How can I protect my creative work with Fidealis?

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Developers, we offer you to escrow your work thanks to:

  • The timestamp which is a proof of anteriority and existence (input)
  • Secure source code, sealed deposit, software verification service, end-to-end encryption, personalized release clauses, archiving of codes on CD/USB…(Output)
  • A beneficiary account is created for each of your customers in order to facilitate the raising of hands (release)
  • Service accessible without the need for computer or technical knowledge (made for legal services)
  • source code escrow
  • offline archive (disconnected from the web against hackers)
  • Rates capped over 5 years from the date of subscription
  • 5 GB of space included (+ 50€/Gb/year if necessary)
  • Sealed deposit (Intellectual property proof) included/Blockchain
  • easy installation
  • Connection/Synchronization with GitHub and BitBucket
  • Software Verification Service

Customers, we recommend escrow in order to:

  • Maintain continuity of service for your business (“require a contract escrow clause”)
  • Keep control/limit tech dependency
  • You are informed at each update (follow-up) of your code
  • Durability of your software (failure, not updated, unresolved bug)
  • Win/win data escrow
  • Vendor Dependency Limitation Digital Asset Protection
  • Access to documentation and recipes
  • Source code verification
  • Advanced verification: environment reinstallation and code audit
  • Respect for confidentiality

We offer: single/multiple beneficiary escrow.

Fidealis takes care of the registration formalities for the protection of your creative work.

Thanks to reliable methods, we can immediately protect your creative work. After giving your program an electronic signature and digital timestamp, software copyright is officially registered.