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Protect your creative work by registering copyright

For creators or creative people who produce documents, designs or creations, protecting and registering their work has become essential, whether as a legal entity or individual person. Registering copyright or design models is critical for the protection of intellectual property. Work should be marked when copyright is registered to prove authorship, and each new creative work should have the copyright symbol on it to protect any Intellectual Property.

What size document can I register for copyright?

For online processing, we have found that files smaller than 5 Mo can be processed in a reasonable amount of time and can also be sent directly to a mailbox without restriction from the ISP.

For larger files, our customers tend to send a CD by mail or via file transfer systems (WeTransfer) so it can be processed at our headquarters at no extra cost.

Evidence recognized by courts

Recognized by the courts the world over.

Affidavit valid for life

You will have evidence for life.

Registration valid in 11 languages

Your registration is available in French, English, Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

Affidavits available 24/7

Receipt of registration available online 24/7.

How can I protect my creative work with Fidealis?

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2. Guidance provided

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3. We protect you

I upload my creative work online. I'm protected!

Protect an idea

Protecting an idea is not always a simple matter. But as soon as the elements of an idea become tangible, it becomes important to protect them from theft by a third party. Fidealis can help in this process thanks to its 100% online copyright registration solution.

Register a logo

Protecting a logo by using the Fidealis solution means ensuring proof of ownership and the ability to defend yourself in the event of an infringement. Time must have been spent on its creation or maybe even service provider was paid for this logo so, don’t let it get stolen.

Register a trademark

Trademark registrations an important step in launching a business and ensures that only you can use your trademark in your field and/or similar ones. Registering copyright of a trademark means it can be immediately published in different media without the risk of having it stolen.

Protect your music

When you are a creator a large part of your time is spent thinking about and shaping your ideas. It would be a pity if the work were to benefit others. In the case of music (scores, lyrics, arrangements…) registering music copyright is the ideal solution to this problem. is the ideal solution to this problem.

Copyright website

Protecting a website from plagiarism has become imperative in this ultra-connected world where access to information is immediate and extremely simple. Energy is devoted to making a site unique and appealing to visitors. Do not run the risk of plagiarism, think about protecting it by copyright registration of the website.

Protect a design

Protect designs from theft or fraudulent use by registering designs, models and sketches online immediately and easily to ensure ownership. Do not allow anyone to use your talent and design creations for free.

Intellectual protection of software

Your software should be protected from the competition and unfortunately, there is only one other solution apart from secrecy and that is copyright registration for software and algorithms. ompile a complete file of all documentation and register it online with the Fidealis blockchain registration solution.

Protect your photos

Pictures and photos can be protected from theft by a third party by officially registering them. Fidealis offers an easy and quick solution that also allows the distribution of your photos on the web to be monitored and therefore prevent any unwanted use of them.

Protect a film or video

Registering your videos on our officially certified copyright system is carried out in the same way as for photos. Today, broadcasting videos on the Internet can be very quick. Easily prove the paternity of your films and videos thanks to copyright registration.

Protect creative work

Protecting creative work by registering it allows you to easily claim authorship over it. Whether it is artistic or not, in 2d or 3d, Fidealis copyright registration is the ideal solution to protect any creative work from theft or plagiarism.

Fidealis, the easy way to protect your creative work

A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.