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Copyright is an essential element of French intellectual property law

The author or the holder of the rights of an original work of the mind is given monopoly on exploitation.

After looking at copyright prerogatives, we will go on to examine the protection it gives the author as well as the limitations.

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Copyright prerogatives

Copyright gives the creator of a work two types of prerogatives:

  • Patrimonial rights linked to a work, that allow the author to decide on exploitation conditions and to receive remuneration in return. In France, the duration of these rights is 70 years after the death of the author.
  • Moral rights linked to the person or author and which gives them the right to object to the disclosure of their work without their consent, request its withdrawal, claim authorship, and overall the right to respect for the integrity of their work.

Copyright protection

French copyright protects original work of the mind from their date of creation. No formal registration or fixation of the work is required. Any creative work is therefore protected from the day of its realization in whatever form of expression or genre, and the merit of its author or its destination.

Although no formal registration is required for copyright,in the event of infringement you must be able to provide proof of the time/date on which you created your work. Therefore, it is essential to register any creative work.

Copyright limits

Author’s rights alone are not effective in the case of infringement as it does not show proof of ownership from a specific time and date. Therefore, it is better to combine it with other protections: design rights, trademark or copyright.

By registering copyright with Fidealis we guarantee the immediate official registration of your work with a timestamp which confirms the date.

Apart from evidence of the date of creation necessary to protect your creative work, French copyright protection is not automatic abroad.

By registering copyright on your work, lifetime protection in 177 countries is guaranteed.

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