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For any company or creator of original work who use their website as a means of communication or as a showcase for their activity, it is essential to protect themselves in the event of plagiarism, copy-pasting, or copying.

There are many legal ways to defend your property in the event of plagiarism. Copyright registration is one. The website should be clearly labelled to dissuade plagiarists and will also provide proof of the date of creation of your website in the event of a dispute.

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le droit d'auteur pour un site web

Copyright website


Copyright protects all original work from the moment they are created. It confers on its author moral rights which include the right to the paternity of the work and economic rights.

This guarantees both the work and its author protection against plagiarism and unauthorized reproduction.

However, in order to bring action in the event of an infringement, the creator should secure the website by registering website copyright with a specialized organization.

Websites and copyright.

Protecting a website by registering a copyright is nowadays essential given the ease of copying (right click or save as) and the number of competitors who have easy access to your shop window on the Internet.

A site stands out from those of rivals by its original character and must be preserved at all costs. The best solution for this is to get the website recognized and defend this intellectual property through a specialized company. Protecting a website is possible thanks to Fidealis. The registration of website copyright with the group has three essential and secure steps:

  • Electronic signature
  • Digital timestamping
  • Official certification

Your creations are then instantly protected and recognized by the legal authorities. To optimize a website and defend it against plagiarism, Fidealis has developed tools to identify the online use of infringing content or images and establish the positioning of a site on search engines.

The group offers a complete range of solutions to protect creations and maximize the performance of a site.

Protect your website against theft and fraudulent use with Fidealis

A pioneering solution in the protection of designs, content, images and text, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.

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