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In this digital age, the protection of computer software creations has become a challenge for businesses. Fidealis supports you in the protection of your software, websites and algorithms.

Algorithms are excluded from copyright protection because they are integrated into a computer or mathematical principle that is considered to be part of the domain of ideas.

Protecting an algorithm by patent is also prohibited because patenting excludes mathematical methods and computer programs.

By registering Copyright on our platform, algorithms can be protected from being copied by official registration.

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Software is automatically protected by copyright provided it is original. When the software is a video game, its graphics and artistic content gives it special protection under design rights. Nevertheless, the protection granted by copyright is limited to the simple protection of the authors’ rights over the software and against it being copied. A third party may still legally develop software similar in design and functionality.

In order to strengthen the protection of software, Copyright can be registered with Fidealis. It will then permit legal proceedings to be brought in the case of infringement, by providing proof of the date of creation and paternity of the creative work.

A design can also be registered on our platform which would protect the graphic content of the software.

Your website is not protected by copyright. If you want to protect your domain name and the content of your website it is advisable to register it. By registering Copyright on the website potential infringers can be deterred. This registration also provides proof of your rights in order to assert them in the event of infringement proceedings.

Fidealis helps protect your computer software creations and also allows you to set up an escrow contract for your source codes.

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A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.