Who are we?

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Where does our name come from?

Our company name is composed of elements of trust (FIDES in Latin), creation (IDEA in English) and exchanges (DEAL in English). And a little bit of IDEAL too.

FIDEALIS.COM brings together professionals and experts in the business sector: lawyers, accountants, computer scientists, business consultants and entrepreneurs, who have pooled their knowledge and experience to offer a safe, simple and economical service to all those who need to prove and protect their exchanges and/or their author’s rights.
Our service has been audited by several teams of experts in intellectual and artistic property law and business law as well as technical experts.
FIDEALIS.COM's mission is to constantly support its clients for whom their intellectual assets are vital.

Our market

FIDEALIS.COM is driven by the legal notification that promotes the marketing of all applications based on electronic signatures. Fidealis is present in the French, Belgian and Swiss markets and offers, via its website, the possibility of accessing its services wherever you may be.

Our interventions

FIDEALIS.COM's customers are essentially professionals who have chosen our service for their chain of creations or exchanges with third parties. FIDEALIS.COM services are already used in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, USA, Seychelles, Italy and Spain.

Have total confidence in the Fidealis solution

A pioneering solution in the protection of designs and collections, combining electronic signature technologies, timestamping and blockchain. Your creative work is instantly officially certified and archived.

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