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With our trademark registration service, benefit from easy, reliable, fast and affordable registration, carried out by an expert intellectual property lawyer. Protect your brand now by contacting us.

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Trademark registration and property protection solutions intellectual

Branding is essential to distinguish your products or services from those of your competitors. A brand is more than just a name or logo; it’s the image and perception of your company in the eyes of the public. It represents your identity, your values and the promise and experience you offer your customers. Registering a trademark means acquiring ownership of a sign, a name, a symbol, the starting point of a business adventure, for 10 years, renewable ad infinitum. It’s the only intellectual property that lasts forever.

Registering your trademark: precautions

Before registering your trademark, you need to check that it is available (by conducting a prior art search), distinctive (from other existing trademarks, but also non-descriptive of the activity), and lawful (that the universe to which it relates belongs to a legal activity).

Fidealis offers a filing service for the protection of your trademark, carried out by an expert lawyer at the Industrial Property Office(s). Opposition (by competitors) or rejection of trademark applications (by the office itself, the INPI in France) are frequent, so hiring a lawyer eliminates these risks as far as possible.

National or international trademark registration

Expert legal advice on your behalf

Online support

We have created a robot that retrieves all information related to your brand, classes, prior art, etc.

Issuance of proof of deposit

As soon as the procedure has been completed, the lawyer uploads the filing request in PDF format.

Issuance of trademark registration certificate

As soon as the INPI or the relevant office definitively validates the trademark, you receive an alert and can retrieve your title in PDF format.

How can I protect my creative work with Fidealis?

1. Subscribe

Registration is just a click away. Information on the depositor(s) is crucial.

2. Guidance provided

I choose the classes and options I need for my brand with an advisor.

3. We protect you

The lawyer validates or exchanges with you and takes care of the filing on your behalf.

Trademark registration, an acquisition

A trademark registration is inexpensive if you consider that the term of protection is 10 years, in relation to the strength of the protection conferred by the registered trademark. Fidealis offers trademark registration, all fees added up, at €430 incl. VAT for one class in France. That’s minus €0.14/day.

Types of trademark registration

Protecting this identity is crucial. If someone else is using a similar brand that could be confused with yours, it could damage your reputation and your business. It is therefore essential to understand the different types of trademarks available to better protect your brand image.

Challenges: Each type of trademark has its own specificities and registration requirements. Some types may be more difficult to register than others due to specific criteria, while others may offer more extensive protection.

Solution: Registering a trademark

Understand the different types of depot available for your brand:

  1. Word marks: These consist exclusively of words, letters or numbers. For example, “Coca-Cola”. These trademarks are registered using simple fonts, with no visual effect.
  1. Figurative trademarks: These are drawings, logos or other graphic representations without words. For example, Nike’s Swosh.
  2. Semi-figurative marks: these are marks that combine visual signs with words, letters or numbers. This is our customers’ preferred form of trademark protection.
  3. Shape marks: These marks protect the three-dimensional shape of a product or its packaging.
  4. Sound marks: These represent a distinctive sound associated with a product or service. For example, the roar of a lion for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  5. Position marks: These refer to a specific way of placing a mark or sign on a product. For example, the crocodile on the chest of a Lacoste polo, or the red tongue on the back of Prada shoes.
  6. Color marks: Protect a specific color associated with a product or service.
  7. Movement marks: These represent a movement or change in position of the mark element.
  8. Other: There are other, rarer types of mark, such as texture or tactile marks.

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