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Copyright is an Anglo-Saxon concept. Copyright is a system of protection for literary or artistic works that applies in common law countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia). Copyright requires a deposit. We know it by the © symbol that represents it. It protects a work, but does not recognize the author’s economic or moral rights, unlike French copyright.

It is the person who allows the work to be distributed who is considered the rights owner, not the person who created it. So there is indeed a difference between copyright and droit d’auteur as applied in a civil law country like France. It’s important to remember that copyright protects the work first and foremost, independently of its author. The latter may be relegated to the role of extra. His work, on the other hand, is protected by copyright and enjoys legal protection in countries that recognize its value.

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Use of the copyright symbol or acronym: ©.

In common law countries, this acronym can have legal significance. This is not the case in civil law countries. Its use in a country like France is therefore entirely optional. Nevertheless, there’s a point to using it. This symbol is more or less well known, but for most people it refers to the idea of intellectual property. It therefore has a real informative value for all users. It tells the public that the product or brand they are using belongs to someone, and identifies that person. It’s a warning against abusive copying, and against potential competitors who might want to adopt the same brand. It acts as a warning, so to speak, and as a deterrent.

Anyone who notices this should expect to be at risk if they misuse the copy or infringe the rights of the work in any way. The © is therefore interesting as a remarkable sign.

How do I make the copyright symbol on my computer and Mac?

How do you insert the copyright symbol or copyright © logo in your content and texts, or even on your graphic objects? It’s very simple: the © symbol is a special character built into all computers. This is often achieved by using a keyboard shortcut.

On a PC: press [Alt], simultaneously type 0169 and release [Alt].

On Mac: press the option key and the C key at the same time.

If you can’t do this from your keyboard, feel free to copy/paste one of the copyright symbols on this page.

Good to know:When using the Copyright symbol, we generally add the year the work was created, the author’s name, or both. Here are a few examples:

  • © 2016
  • L.Durand
  • 2016L.Durand
  • Copyright 2016L.Durand

How do I C copyright an Iphone or Ipad?

Nothing could be simpler. We’re going to use Apple’s Quicktype suggestion bar (you know, that bar that gives you between 1 and 3 choices for correcting your text with a single click?).

The method is very simple:

  • Open the iPhone or iPad application on which you wish to display the Copyright symbol
  • type a “c” surrounded by 2 parentheses:(c)
  • Select the copyright symbol in the Quicktype bar

If this doesn’t work on your smartphone, there’s another solution. Go to the Emoji tab (press the smiley button to access the keyboard).
Scroll through the Emoji options until you come to the ‘Symbols’ section, where you’ll find the symbol. this is where you’ll find the copyright symbol “©” on the Iphone or Ipad keyboard.

How to insert the copyright sign on your documents or graphic creations?

We recommend that you use the “add image” function in all image insertion software. To do so, download one of the versions below and add it easily to your documents.

Copyright all rights reserved

Copyright simple symbol

Copyright all rights reserved

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